Aer makes your server work for you, not the other way round.
Aer is a new kind of application to help you manage your web server. Aer makes it easy to manage your MySQL™ databases, build PHP scripts, and make web forms.

Build PHP scripts the easy way

Aer can not only produce PHP scripts automatically to process your web forms, but provides a library of over 100 useful 'snippets' to help you write your own PHP code. Aer Snippets are not just code, they can be changed using the easy to use Structure View, yet still produces standard PHP code.

Aer has a beautiful code editor, and snippets of PHP to get you started.


Aer takes you from making your first database, to backups, to building SQL queries the easy way. Just enter a few details, and Aer makes MySQL easy as pie! What's more, Aer can export your tables as CSV,XML, and Microsoft Excel™ files.

Aer has a rich and powerful MySQL table editor, with an easy to use Query Builder.

Connect up web forms

Aer makes creating web forms as easy as can be, create forms from scratch, based on database tables, or work on forms you created in Flux. Aer makes web forms actually do something!

Aer can quickly create forms based on database tables, and create the connecting code for you.

At The Escapers, we know managing a server can be pretty difficult. That's why we made Aer. Aer makes working with MySQL databases as easy as possible, and makes it easy to create PHP scripts too. Aer even has a Form Builder to help you connect up forms to your scripts, and store form data in a database, or send yourself an email. Aer makes things as easy as possible, but more than that, as an Aer customer, we'll help you personally set up anything you're not sure about.










Aer requires Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), and 4GB of RAM.