Say Hello to Biff.

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Biff is a Vector Graphics application. It makes creating graphics for your Website, Poster, or anything else really easy. Biff helps you create Amazing Logos, App Icons (Biff comes with the Templates you need.) with simplicity, without sacrificing powerful features like full path editing and boolean operations.

Simple User Interface

Biff has a simple, clean UI that keeps out of your way.


Biff has a built-in Library of Objects and Styles, and, of course, you can add your own.

Advanced Paths

All objects are editable in Biff, and can be converted to Free Paths, where every point and curve can be manipulated.

Biff comes with library of reusuable and editable components, and pre-defined styles, so you can create whatever you need in seconds. But Biff isn't a restrictive template driven app, it's a powerful vector drawing app that even shows you how to make stuff (keep reading...).


Biff has lots of strokes, from simple dashes to paint brush.


Biff comes with lots of standard shapes, but if none fit the bill, just make your own! Once you're done, you can pop it in the Library for future use.


Biff can do all sorts of cool transforms, not just rotation and flipping. The text above is still editable BTW.

Biff Tutor

Biff has a feature called Tutor that actually shows you (with an extra large mouse pointer), how to carry out advanced Biff techniques. Biff even uses synthesized speech to guide you through it!
Biff requires MacOS X El Capitan.
4GB of RAM or over is recommended.