The Escapers, based out of Melbourne, Australia, can offer remote consultancy and development services all over the world.

The Escapers wants to offer a friendly and simple service, you'll hear no industry buzzwords or insider lingo from us. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we'll help you achieve it, it's that simple. We can develop software for Mac, Windows, UNIX/Linux, and IBM i.

The Escapers now offers consultancy and contract programming.

Mac & iOS

The Escapers has been developing first-class applications for Mac for many years, you can hire us to do the same for you.


The Escapers can provide consultancy and developing services for Java & JavaFX. We can develop both beautiful front-end applications in JavaFX and robust back-end projects. The Escapers is full-stack on Java.


The Escapers has strong experience in .NET, C#, and WPF. We will also develop your Windows Universal apps.