Crumb is CRM for the rest of us.
The Escapers needed CRM, but we didn't need the complexity that comes with it, so we made our own.


Crumb uses all the existing data in your Mac, like iCloud Calendars, Google Contacts and more, which are all kept synced by OSX. You don't need to set anything else up, it just works. Even if you use a smartphone like a BlackBerry, you can still tag your calendar entries with contact names like #crumb-colin-farrell or tags like #c-knighthoods and they'll link up with the Contact and Tags in Crumb.

Yes, of course Crumb syncs.


Crumb uses tags to connect your data, and you can apply them to Contacts, Events and Reminders. Which means you can see all crumbs of data related to a particular tag all at once.

Connect Everything.


CRM is simple concept made really complicated. Crumb reverses this trend and makes CRM available to everyone.

Calm down, it's just CRM.

We made Crumb because we needed to organize our business better, we needed to have our customers, calendars, and way to link it all together. Crumb makes that all possible, and of course, syncs with Google and iCloud.










Crumb requires Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), and 4GB of RAM.