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Meet your new Web Design Environment.
Flux 6 is the latest release of the flagship web design app from The Escapers. Version 6 introduces comprehensive support for Responsive Designs, a better Code Editor than ever before, and cleaner, more usable User Interface. Flux is the professional Web Design app for your Mac. Flux can do anything you throw at it, full HTML5 and CSS support lets you edit your existing sites (over FTP if you want.)


Flux has an amazing WYSIWYG engine (What You See Is What You Get). In Flux, you don't need to code everything, or even anything, you can drag images onto your page, adjust sizes with the drag handles, even adjust CSS properties such as margins and padding. You can even adjust external CSS properties this way.


Of course, you want to code too, Flux has a rebuilt Code Editor that's better than ever before. Importantly, Flux has no distinction between generated and hand-crafted code, so you can still use the WYSIWYG stuff, even on code you've typed yourself.


Flux supports FTP and SFTP, which means you can work directly on the server copy of your site. Remember to keep a backup!

What makes Flux special?

Flux has first class WYSIWYG design capability, but doesn't sacrifice your ability to Hand Code. Flux uses a unique system that can understand your handcoded HTML and CSS, and only changes what it needs to.










Responsive Design

In addition to a completly reimagined user interface, Flux 6 introduces support for Responsive Design. Responsive websites scale to fit different devices, from desktop Mac to iPhone. Flux 6 support Bootstrap and Skeleton (your choice).

Flux requires Mac OS X El Capitan.
We recommended 8GB of RAM or more.