What is Ideas all about?

We made Ideas because wanted a place to explore our ideas, it's a sort of shared whiteboard, freeform spreadsheet, and brainstorming app all rolled into one.




Visualise plans

Use Ideas to map out plans and workflows, combine flow charts, numerical data, and graphics all in one place.

Run the numbers

Ideas lets you throw together "freeform spreadsheets". Put your data into visually appealing "data sources" and drags links to pie and bar charts.

All YOUR IDEAS in one place

Use Ideas to brainstorm your plans, and helps you put your creative ideas into action. Ideas is your on-screen whiteboard.

Ideas is about making a workspace for your plans

Ideas is about making a familiar place to brainstorm your plans, ideas, and projects. Share your booklets on Dropbox with collaborators, and work on ideas with friends.

Go big or go home

Ideas gives you a huge free space to play with your data, and of course 5k is fully supported.

For night owls

Use the Starlight theme to work in comfort at night.


Ideas stores your booklets in a format which allows users to work on the same files at the same time. Just share your work on Dropbox to let others contribute.

Ideas requires Mac OS X El Capitan.
We recommended 8GB of RAM or more.