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Lucid 3 : Simple and incredibly powerful CSS animations.
Lucid 3 is a total re-imagining of our Web animation app for the Mac. Lucid 3 uses industry standard CSS 3 to create stunning animations. Lucid 3 doesn't use any proprietary Plugins, and works with your existing sites.

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Lucid comes with a range of pre-built animations, so you can add stunning animations to your sites in seconds. We're adding new ones all the time, too.

Keyframes Editing Made Easy

Lucid 3 makes editing animations easy, just add "frames" at stages of the animation, and add CSS properties. Of course, every animation provided with Lucid 3 is fully editable.

JavaScript Re-imagined

Lucid creates clean JavaScript, no dependencies, no libraries. Just let Lucid 3 create the events and functions for you to run your animations whenever, and however you like.

Lucid 3 is the brand new way to create CSS animations on your web pages. Lucid 3 works directly with your existing HTML files, no custom formats, no library dependencies.


Like it's sister app, Flux. Lucid 3 works with industry standard HTML,and doesn't lock you into any propreietary file formats.


Lucid 3 uses CSS animations to create stunning effects, and since it's CSS, you can edit it using a code editor if you like.


Lucid 3 lets you trigger your animations with JavaScript. Lucid will help you with this, but you can write your own custom code too. There are no limits.

Coming from Lucid 2?

Lucid 3 is a total re-write and re-imagining of how web animations are created. Unfortunately, this means your existing Lucid workflows are not editable in Lucid 3. You can still download Lucid 2 from here.
Lucid 3 requires MacOS X El Capitan.
4GB of RAM or over is recommended.