Wilde is your new writing companion.
Wilde is your new Wordpress blogging app. Wilde supports full HTML editing, WYSIWYG editing, and even Markdown.

Media Support

Managing the images in your blog has never been easier, simply drag and drop from your Mac onto Wilde, and Wilde will upload it for you. Media in the library can then be popped into your posts.

Post Editor

Wilde has a simple Post Editor, just like a word processor, you don't need to know any HTML, CSS or anything else. Of course, HTML and even Markdown are both supported when you want to get your hands dirty.

Posts Management

With the Posts Manager you can publish, schedule, and draft (locally & remote) your posts. Even quickly share a link with your friends.

Wilde supports both Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org sites.

Write Something

Start a new blog, go back to an old one, or edit your existing one. We don't care. Just write something. Start Now.
Wilde requires MacOS X El Capitan.
4GB of RAM or over is recommended.